Upgrade your stable doors with Vintech’s UPVC Hardware Hinges and Doors Espagnolette. This versatile lock allows seamless opening of both door halves with independent access to the top and secure key-operated locking for the bottom. Crafted for UPVC, timber, or composite doors, it ensures universal compatibility. Elevate your doors with style and security using this non-handed, sophisticated Espagnolette from Vintech.

Upgrade your doors with the Vintech uPVC Hardware Hinges and Doors Espagnolette, a sophisticated and secure solution for your stable doors. This stable door lock is designed for both functionality and security, allowing you to open both halves of the door as one seamless unit. Crafted with precision, it features a latch and deadbolt lock for the top half of the door, complemented by a separate hook locking point. The bottom half boasts a key-operated deadbolt lock with its own distinct hook locking point, ensuring comprehensive security.

What sets this Espagnolette apart is its versatility. The lever-operated top half provides convenient independent access, while the bottom half, equipped with a key-operated deadbolt lock, remains firmly closed, enhancing safety. Whether your doors are made of uPVC, timber, or composite materials, this non-handed lock is a perfect fit, offering a universal solution for a wide range of door types.

Invest in the Vintech uPVC Hardware Hinges and Doors Espagnolette for a blend of style, convenience, and robust security. Elevate your doors to a new level of sophistication with this reliable and durable hardware.

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