16 mm Flat Roller MS

Enhance your Aluminium Sliding Windows with Vintech UPVC Hardware’s 16mm Flat Roller MS. Experience smooth, quiet, and sustainable operation, ensuring your windows roll effortlessly for years to come. Elevate your window performance with our precision-engineered sliding window pulleys.


Introducing the Vintech uPVC Hardware 16mm Flat Roller MS – the ideal solution for enhancing the performance of your Aluminium Sliding Windows. Engineered with precision and crafted with durability in mind, these sliding window pulleys are designed to elevate your window experience.

Constructed from high-quality materials, our 16mm Flat Roller MS ensures smooth and silent operation, making it a reliable choice for sliding windows. The advanced engineering guarantees long-term sustainability, ensuring that your windows function seamlessly over an extended period.

Upgrade your sliding windows with Vintech uPVC Hardware’s 16mm Flat Roller MS – where quality meets durability for an enhanced window solution.

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